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What are the Odds in Ohio?

It seems that in selecting his cabinet, Governor Kasich of Ohio has so far selected only white agency heads. The twenty agency heads consist of sixteen white men and four white women. Meanwhile, the state of Ohio is about 85% white. African-Americans make up the largest minority population in Ohio, at 12%, and have been very active in political and leadership capacities for decades, even though the state has historically been dominated by Republicans. (See the list of Cleveland mayors, for starters, as well as the note in the original article that this is the first all-white cabinet since 1962.)

What are the odds of selecting zero minorities in a sample of twenty people, in a state with a minority proportion of 15%? Our old friend the binomial distribution can tell us! I’ll work this out twice — first for the case of zero minorities in the sample of 20 people, and then for the case of 16 white men in the sample of 20 people. Read the rest of this entry →


01 2011