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Friday Core Dump: February 18, 2011

It feels like it’s just been all bad news this week. So here’s a few things that are a little bit lighter:

  • Here’s an awesome map of the Mississippi and all its tributaries, rendered as a mass transit map. How had no one done this before? What a great way to look at the geography. (via Strange Maps)
  • Here’s a careful and reasonable take on what’s happening in Wisconsin. It’s worth noting that Democrats (and Independents) have been successful in enacting education reforms that are unpopular with teachers. Turns out there’s a difference between reforming public education and naked union-busting. Who knew? (via EMJ)
  • I love a behind-the-scenes glimpse of anything, and the Big Picture blog has a great round-up of pictures from behind the scenes at Fashion Week. Seating charts! Run-throughs! Models playing silly games while in hair and makeup!

Have a great weekend, everyone! I’m hoping it eventually stops raining here.


02 2011

Friday Core Dump: October 29, 2010

Boy, have I been buried by life lately. Let me emerge for a bit, though:

  • The World Series! Eh. I don’t know a single fan of the Texas Rangers. And despite being in the Bay Area, I know only one real San Francisco Giants fan (shout-out to KS!) in real life. And I’ve only seen about half a dozen people wearing Giants hats, total. Maybe the buzz just hasn’t made it outside of SF city limits?
  • I don’t remember how I found it, but CALIBER is my new favorite photoblog.
  • And through CALIBER — or maybe the other way around? — I found i live here: SF, which is a series of photoshoots and life stories of various San Franciscans. Both are highly, highly recommended.
  • I’m dreading next week’s midterm elections, but in honor of them I dug up the “Daily Show Rocks!” Midterm Elections clip from The Daily Show:
    The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c
    Daily Show Rock! – Mid-Term Elections
    Daily Show Full Episodes Political Humor Rally to Restore Sanity

Have a Happy Halloween, everyone!


10 2010