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Update and Roundup on Michigan

Here’s some updates and a round-up of what’s going on with the assistant AG of Michigan (Andrew Shirvell) who is harassing the U of M student body president (Christopher Armstrong):

Finally, I want to note that I generally do not get involved with politics in other states. I do not write letters or donate money, no matter how dear the cause. However, I do not think this is a political issue. Even if politics were more explicitly involved, I think that I do have a legitimate stake in this as an alumnus of the University of Michigan. And Mike Cox has hardly avoided involvement with the affairs of my state.


09 2010

Don’t Mess with a Wolverine

I am deeply upset by the harassment of a gay University of Michigan student by an assistant Attorney General of Michigan. So, while it appears that Chris Armstrong can handily defend himself, I knew that I wouldn’t feel better until I wrote to the Attorney General myself. Here it is.

Attorney General Cox,

I am a former resident of Michigan and a proud graduate of the University of Michigan. I am deeply concerned about the systematic stalking and harassment of a University of Michigan student by an assistant Attorney General. I find it hard to believe that all of Mr. Shirvell’s actions — cyber-bullying, showing up at MSA meetings, videoing the student’s residence — are fully within the realm of legality. Even if he is not breaking any laws, his obsessive targeting of Mr. Armstrong is grossly unethical and an abuse of power.

Mr. Shirvell is clearly unfit for public office, and I encourage you to remove him from that position immediately.

(I never liked Mike Cox, anyhow.)


09 2010