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Collisions with Reality » Blog Archive » New Year, New Goals

New Year, New Goals

I did not keep any of my resolutions for 2011. Moving on!

My main resolution for 2012 is to call out anti-feminist concern trolling when I see it. I’m defining that as “criticizing successful women for raising the bar ‘too high’ rather than criticizing the reasons that few women reach a given achievement.”

I think that will keep me busy. Let’s give that framing language tag a workout!

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01 2012

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  1. Sarah #

    I “resolved” to blog in 2011, but never quite found anything useful to say. You’re already way ahead of the game as far as I’m concerned!

  2. Rebecca #

    My problem is that once I get started I can’t shut up. (In addition to my resolution, I am mentally composing posts about libertarianism! And Jenny McCarthy!)