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Collisions with Reality » Blog Archive » Friday Core Dump: March 18, 2011

Friday Core Dump: March 18, 2011

Yes, it’s been another week of mostly bad news. But there are still some lovely and interesting things out there:

  • From Information is Beautiful, a collection of vintage infographics from old articles and textbooks. My favorite is this graphic from the 1930’s comparing the lifespans of many well-known animals:

  • Via Flowing Data, I found the moviebarcode tumblr. Each frame in a movie is compressed into a sliver, such that a two-hour movie becomes a colorful barcode. Slumdog Millionaire becomes a series of blues and browns. Pinocchio and Dumbo both hit a broad, bright range of the spectrum. And in some movies, like Rear Window, you can see the static setting.
  • If you’re interested in the weird history of punctuation, and Eats, Shoots and Leaves just wasn’t comprehensive enough for you, check out the Shady Characters blog. The entry on the pilcrow — the funny little “new paragraph” sign rarely seen nowadays — draws upon the interwoven histories of Christianity, Europe, and writing. Plus, it has quite possibly the greatest parenthetical comment ever:

    (“BY THIS SIGN YOU WILL CONQUER” — one might forgive the Almighty for His melodramatic use of capital letters when one recalls that His subjects had not yet developed lower case)

I know this post does nothing but reveal what sort of nerdy blogs I follow. I’m okay with that.

Have a great weekend! And Go Blue (in the CCHA semifinals tonight! . . . what, is there something else going on?)!

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